My Favorite Green Paint Colors: Green is the New Gray

My Favorite Green Paint Colors: Green is the New Gray


I was on the TODAY Show recently (shameless plug 😉 ), and in my segment I said, “green is the new gray.”  Which basically means, anywhere I would have typically used gray in my design projects I’ve been using a shade of green instead.  And the result is always awesome!  Using a green tone as a “neutral” in a larger application is such a refreshing feature for any room – whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, front door… the list goes on.  It’s just different than the same old, same old.  So today I’m sharing my favorite green paint colors in hopes this post inspires you to think to yourself “green is the new gray” the next time you switch up your home’s design.


My Favorite Green Paint Colors

This bathroom below might look familiar if you’ve been watching Season 2 of HELP! I Wrecked My House.  We used Sherwin-Williams “Rosemary” on the wainscoting, and “Evergreen Fog” is the paint color I used on the wall treatment above.






This reading nook I did in the past for Hidden Potential is one for the books (get it?)!  The paint color we used here is called “Night Owl,” it’s the perfect grayish green color.




In the same house as the reading nook we did this gorgeous kitchen with deep green cabinets.  This color is so rich – I love it.




If you’re not able to paint, or maybe you want to just try out green first on something smaller than a wall or cabinets, might I suggest furniture!  This green leather chair from Season 2 of HELP! I Wrecked My House is a perfect green dose in this room.  It’s unexpected, but it also just works.




The cabinet color below is on pre-fab cabinets, so I don’t have a paint color for you that you can buy in-store, but this is still great inspo for how well green can work in place of gray. And the result is so much more personality than gray would bring!




If you end up using green in place of gray, let me know here in the comments!  I might just use your idea in my own home. 😊




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