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Follow These 7 Steps to Make Your Bedroom a Restful Retreat


HGTV Jasmine Roth bedroom with bench and grey bedding

It’s always amazed me how many people I’ve met who leave their bedroom as the afterthought, or the “we’ll get to that someday” part of their home’s design. Maybe the thinking is that it’s not a common room of the home like the kitchen or living room, so they don’t put as much effort into making it amazing. But I think that the place where we wake up and start each day, and the place that brings us rest at the end of each day, should be awesome! I mean, hello! You should feel super restored and relaxed by your bedroom. And, dare I say, inspired!

HGTV Jasmine Roth bedside table with plant and wallpaper

If you’re looking around your bedroom like, “Okay Jas, you’re right. This room needs a refresh!” I got you. There are changes you can easily make to your bedroom to make it feel more welcoming, more beautiful, and more personal. You know, a place where you actually want to open your eyes in the morning!

Creating a pretty and restful bedroom is totally on the top of my mind right now because Brett, Hazel and I just moved into our new house. And with all the unpacking, me going back to work, and everything that comes with having a baby, I sure need and want our bedroom to be the comfiest room in the house. Even just doing one of these 7 tips to refresh your bedroom would make you smile, and any of these choices can fit within your specific budget. Maybe you go for all 7 upgrade categories, or maybe you just add new pillows and some aromatherapy or switch out your lamps. You’ll still notice a difference and your room will feel more special!

Pro Tip: Can’t change much? Switch out your dresser hardware and your lampshades. Shop your house and add a rug or throw pillow from another room to give them a new life in your bedroom! Even little, low-cost changes can have big impact.

HGTV Jasmine Roth beach bedroom with wall art

Follow These 7 Steps to Make Your Bedroom a Restful Retreat

1. Refresh Your Bedding

Gauze Throw Blanket // Relaxed Linen Sheets // Tasseled Pillow // Gauze Pillow Cover // Jacquard Sheet Set // Woven Waffle Bed Blanket

2. Upgrade Your Hardware

Leather Wrapped Handle // Black & Gold Handle // Carved Wood Curtain Rod // Ceramic Finals // Brass Knobs, Set of 2 // Do Not Disturb Doorknob

3. Add Some New Wall Art

Hanging Baskets // Wooden & Metal Shelf // Scalloped Shelf // Cactus Print // Tranquility Wall Art // Printed Wall Art

4. Roll Out a New Rug

Woven Diamond Rug // Handwoven Block Rug // Overdyed Ruby Rug // Handwoven Pom Pom Rug // Overdyed Tassel Edged Rug // Mudcloth Patterned Rug

5. Top it off with Tabletop Decor

Easel Frame // Onyx Tray // Rattan Tray // Woven Cement Pot // Trinket Dish // Ribbed Clay Vases

6. Spruce up Your Lighting

Bungalow Pendant // Eliza Lamp Base // Amber Table Lamp // Globe Flush Mount // Glass Pendant // White & Brass Sconce

7. Chill out with Aromatherapy

Reed Diffuser // Driftwood Candle // Ceramic Candle // Scented Sachet // Oil Burner // Capri Blue Diffuser Oil

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  1. Patrice Dolny

    Bedroom is beautiful and serene.
    May I ask where you hanging light fixture is from – I need to have it.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Trixie

    Hi what is the right size for a bedroom rug with a queen size bed

  3. Konradi Dina

    Ce culoare la draperie recomanzi pentru living, avand canapea( coltar) gri inchis , covor gri-alb si mobilier alb?


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