Help! I Wrecked My House, Season 3 Episode 7

Help! I Wrecked My House, Season 3 Episode 7

Project Overview:


Avery and Leigh-Ann




Avery and Leigh-Ann met in Huntington Beach, have been together for 11 years, and purchased their dream home two years ago. Located right near the beach, the couple fell in love with the home but knew there were going to be a few projects to tackle.

After doing small projects here and there, the tasks started to add up after two years and they discovered just how much of an undertaking renovating their home really was. Avery and Leigh-Ann had dreams of entertaining friends and family at home, but the burden of constant decision making was delaying their home renovations and the finished home they longed for.


With a beachy, bright, and classic style, I wanted to give Avery and Leigh-Ann the beach house they envisioned for themselves. Most everything in their current home was from the 70s, and it just really wasn’t their style. They had constant reminders around every corner about upgrades they wanted to do to their space.

I wanted this home to reflect the joys of beach life, surfing, and hanging out under the palm trees. With a lot of work to do in different parts of the home (entryway, living room, dining room, kitchen, primary bedroom, and primary bathroom), I left the structure of this home the same and utilized the budget for functionality, design, and overall upgrades.

The Inspiration:

The Kitchen:

Avery and Leigh-Ann’s kitchen needed to be opened up and brightened and we needed to make room for additional storage. I had to figure out a unique floor plan that made sense for this space. Since it was a small kitchen before, I decided to add a door to separate the space and add a walk-through pantry, plus a buffet. Adding this door would pull the whole kitchen forward making room for a chef-style range with a beautiful hood and creamy white shaker cabinets with black hardware. I use creamy white shaker cabinets in 99% of projects I work on because they are so timeless and really help elevate any design story you're working with or trying to achieve.

I also raised the kitchen ceiling to add additional cabinets and maximize storage space. I knew that a gray and white backsplash would really compliment the cabinet and hardware design. Plus, to make this kitchen entertaining-ready, we shortened the window in the kitchen so the countertops would run all the way around the perimeter of the kitchen. We included three bar stools for seating that look directly into the kitchen to make gathering, eating, cooking, and entertaining a group affair.

Dining Area:

The cozy dining room sits to the left of the range, behind the peninsula portion of the counter. I wanted to give Avery and Leigh-Ann seating options at different levels, so I added three Miramar Counter Stools from my shop at the counter for informal meals or breakfast. In the eat-in dining area, a round table was the perfect shape for this space, so I used the Agean Bistro Table, along with a set of my Palm Dining Chairs in black oak for contrast.

To finish the dining area, I also added a bench along the back wall to maximize seating when Avery and Leigh-Ann have family and friends over. The statement piece of this room is the beautiful globe light fixture above the kitchen table. The kitchen and dining room now flow seamlessly together, allowing space for everyone and every situation.

The Living Room:

The living room had some good features to work with, so the first thing I set out to do was to turn the bay window area into a functional, beautiful spot. When I first saw the home, the other window in this room was blocked by Avery and Leigh-Ann’s TV, so I cleared the area, added comfortable window seating and literally let the light in.

I wanted this room to feel especially open and bright and this new set-up definitely helped. I used a luxury vinyl plank on the main floors that would give off a light, beach house look. I layered the Wesley Rug on top for a textured foundation. I decided a sofa with a curve would really bring the living room together and make it feel like its own little area — separate from the raised entrance floor. I used my tried and true Sundown Sofa and the curve matched up perfectly with the curve of the Ocean Park Coffee Table. When this room was finished it felt relaxed, but well-appointed and perfectly proportioned.

Last, but not least, I added an entryway set-up that would not only serve as a place to grab and go or unpack, but that also brought the same, beachy charm to a portion of the living space that would have otherwise just been an empty hallway. I grabbed a weathered wood vintage board that I added hooks to and hung. It brought visual interest to a long, blank space and it did double-duty as a coat, tote and hat rack. Below it I placed a light wood, low profile bench that complimented the vintage vibe of the hanging piece. I topped the bench with textured pillows of varying shapes and heights, and voila – an instant entryway upgrade.

The Fireplace:

When they first started renovations, Avery and Leigh-Ann really wanted to start DIYing the fireplace. They attempted it, but didn’t truly know how long the project would take and all of the decision making involved really slowed them down. I got to work on this issue by ditching the hearth and then covering the surround in a gray roman clay. We also gave the fireplace a new interior. The rest of the wall was covered in new vertical white shiplap that added a coastal look that I knew the couple would love.

I also really liked how the new, bright fireplace wall gave me the opportunity to make the dining area behind it a little more moody with the dark gray paint and black oak Palm Dining Chairs.

Primary Bedroom:

The primary bedroom had some height and angles to play with so giving it a refresh was a little challenging and a lot of fun. I went with a minimal, clean, and comfortable design in here.

I wanted Avery and Leigh-Ann to have a calm space they could retreat to after entertaining in their new living room and kitchen, so I went all out with a bed they could literally sink into. I carry the Colima Bed in my shop for my clients whose number one priority is a good night's sleep. Its large profile and padded headboard makes you feel like you're climbing into a warm cocoon and it definitely brings on the sweet dreams. A lot of pillows help too!

New lighting in this room also made a huge difference. In most bedrooms, I like to soften the space with a diffused glow from a table lamp, in this case the Reilly Table Lamp. My Wesley Area Rug was the perfect choice to continue that soft, comfortable feel underfoot and it looked great on top of the beachy flooring.

When the comfort elements were in place, I pulled out a few of my favorite tricks. You guessed it - storage! I added new built-ins under the windows for storage with some beautiful hardware. No one ever says no to extra storage, right?

Special Project: Dog Beds

Not only were these custom built-ins for maximizing storage, but I also wanted to include something special for their pups in Avery and Leigh-Ann’s bedroom. I turned to one of my favorite tricks in the book and got busy creating a hide-away bed for their dog. The toe-kick of one built-in pulls out to reveal a very special snooze spot, complete with a thick, comfy pad and a classic grid pattern flannel cover. The best thing about this bed is its ability to be tucked away and hidden when they weren’t using it so it doesn’t take up any additional floor space.

Another of the much-needed upgrades I tackled in this bedroom was the removal and replacement of the nearly wall-size mirrored closet doors. I replaced them with two sets of French doors with contrasting hardware that matched the new built-ins under the windows. This gave this side of the room that clean, minimalist look I was going for.

Primary Bathroom:

I couldn’t wait to give Avery and Leigh-Ann the “grown up” bathroom they wished for. This included a separate toilet, shower, and two sinks. Their new shower would be made out of porcelain matte blue tiles installed in a stacked pattern all the way up the wall. This would feel reminiscent of the ocean, beachy yet modern, to remind them where they live.

The shower would sit in the corner, in-between the two vanities. I wanted to make each of their vanities custom, to create enough storage space for the two of them. I used a white oak with black hardware design. I brought Avery along with me to the custom vanity appointment, to show him that even I rely on professionals, and no one does this alone. There’s only so many hours in a day, and it takes a lot of time to renovate a house and consider so many different aspects of functionality and design.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for following along and keeping up with 'Help! I Wrecked My House' Season 3. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to create a dreamy beach house for Avery and Leigh-Ann. I’m truly excited that they’re all set to host their family and friends whenever they please, and not have to worry about an ongoing renovation with no end in sight. And I know they’re going to sleep tight in their new bedroom too, pups included!

Be sure to tune in next Saturday at 9 p.m. on HGTV for the next episode of 'Help! I Wrecked My House'. There are only a few episodes left this season, so don’t miss out!

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  • I’m not sure what episode I saw this on ? But the wall art was vintage beach themed. I would love to know where you got them ?


    on January 31, 2024

  • I have watched this episode several times and can’t figure out where they put the TV. I can only assume they removed the TV for the room to living room to look sunny for the show and as soon as the reveal was over the owners put the wood wall and TV back.

    Cathy Radcliffe

    on January 31, 2024

  • Beautiful home reno and adorable dogs! What breed of dog is Charlie & Roxy?

    Kelly Spencer

    on October 15, 2022

  • Is the furniture staged for the show or is it included ??? where did the tv go in the living room ?? They went from 2 tvs to no tvs on the show ? always curious… I love love the show.. Jasmine is the best…


    on October 12, 2022

  • Even though Jasmine was informed the father had a bad accident with the step down AND that the couple wanted the TV where the window was, this cute little house was not setup to be a BETTER working home. Um the statement no structural changes was also misleading as adding a door and a wall are by most accounts structural. At the very least the fire place should have been relocated, window taken out and then you would have had room for the dining room, it’s lovely window and mega big bar stools. Second the entry needed to be addressed. Nothing dated this house more than that platform. Many ways to fix it and easiest would have been to reduce it to 5” from the door and step down to the rest of the home. Stairs are stairs and one more step is no big deal if you are trying to make the home have more usable space. And what was with the door blocking the outside in the new “pantry” ? IF you had to put up the wall instead of expanding the kitchen a glass pocket door to let the light in would have saved space in a tiny room. I could just go on, bathroom double sinks, open up the stair way with spindles, and hey we love our big TV’s so work them in to the design, I am sure you can stock them in you store with all the other items you “lend” to the homeowners.

    Karleen Braunstein

    on October 12, 2022

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