Introducing My Workwear Collection

Introducing My Workwear Collection

I’m very excited to introduce my latest design project - The Workwear Collection by Jasmine Roth! If you’ve been following me on social media or watching my HGTV shows over the years, you know that I'm constantly running around from project to project, so I need my clothes to be cute and comfortable. You guys are constantly asking me for clothing recommendations and as hard as I try to keep up with the requests, sometimes by the time I get to them things are sold out or the season has passed and my favorites aren’t available.

When two separate clients in the same week told me how much they loved their Dirt Shirts and asked me when I was going to release more designs, it hit me that I should seriously think about this. So in true Roth style, I got my whole family involved and we came up with some ideas to throw around with friends and clients to see if this was something that could fill a need or solve a problem for people.

Between DMs with you, chats with clients and pretty regular questions from friends and family, I knew there was a need for hardworking work wear that not only is easy on the eyes, but also provides some much-needed motivation for the long list of projects and chores we all have.

My family and I spent a happy Sunday coming up with so many ideas that we literally had to narrow it down - a lot. Let’s just say it was super fun. I’m talking plenty of belly laughs and Hazel yelling “Build Your Happy” no less than 10 times in a row. So my new Workwear collection started as most great things do - good times, special family moments and a whole lot of imagination. Special shout out to my favorite local shop in Seal Beach, CA for helping me make my Workwear Collection come to life.

So here it is - my first official Workwear Collection by me, Jasmine Roth!

Say What You Mean!

When you’ve carved out time to get things done, nothing sends a clearer message to your family and yourself than the “Comin In Hot” t-shirt or hat. If you’re wearing either (or both), expect to feel super motivated and for people to get out of your way. If you seen my shows, you know what I mean. My favorite detail about this particular tee is the retro lettering. I knew this shirt design had to be big and bold and I think we nailed it.

Your Happy Place

All of us have a “happy place.” Mine just happens to be on construction sites most of the time. But here’s what makes all that drywall dust, sweat and tears worth it: I’m building happy. My “Build Your Happy” tees, sweatshirts and hat are the perfect reminder to keep on building while you work or play. There’s no better foundation than happiness.

A Subtle Approach

Leave it to Brett to come up with the idea for a simple design that he can wear to work or at the grill just as easily. Got to love his quiet genius! My Workwear by Jasmine Roth collection comes in Men’s and Women’s tees, with a plain front and my new logo on the back. I consider this my ‘dress-up tee’. We also had two sweatshirt versions made with the logo front and center. Take your pick! Oh and how sweet does Brett look modeling his new favorite tee?

An Oldie But Goodie

I had to slip the Dirt Shirt in here, right? It’s just so classic, as is this photo of Brett and I debating storage techniques in our garage. (I won the debate by the way.) The Dirt Shirt has become a legend in our house and Hazel loves to play tug-o-war with me when I grab mine early on a Saturday chore day. She’s really into rhymes these days so “Dirt” and “Shirt” makes her giggle way too much. Guess I should really get some shirts made for her, huh?

While I’m not giving up my day job to become a fashion designer any time soon, I’m darn proud of this collection. Who knew that spending a silly family Sunday discussing a half-baked idea would lead to a very real and useful thing? Like I said before, sometimes all you need to dream big are good times, special family moments and a whole lot of imagination. I hope you have the chance to get lots of projects done in style and comfort with something from this collection. Thank YOU so much for coming along on my journey and all of your support! It means so much to me.

XO Jas

Dirt Shirt - The Shop by Jasmine Roth

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  • Jasmine,
    Whenfd are you going to get your t-shirts back in stock, as most of them are sold out?
    Thanks and have a great day

    Marian Diehl

    on January 31, 2024

  • What work boots do you wear?

    Anita Roberts

    on January 31, 2024

  • What work boots do you wear?!


    on December 19, 2022

  • Please tell us where we can purchase the kitchen drawer insert for ]lasting, foil, sandwich bags in S3E5.

    Gwendolyn Hill

    on October 04, 2022

  • Please include fabric content for your items! Some of us are sensitive…
    Thank you!

    Sarah Johnson

    on August 06, 2022

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