My 6 Favorite T-Shirts

My 6 Favorite T-Shirts

I’m a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal through and through!  Because I’m on a dusty, dirty, job site most days, this is the outfit staple that works best for me on a day-to-day basis.  A couple of weeks ago I sent out an email with all my favorite jeans, and what do you know?  In rolled the questions… “Love the jeans, BUT WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR T-SHIRTS FROM!”  I get it.  It’s tricky to find tee’s that fit well, are well made, AND don’t break the bank!  So, without further ado… it’s nothing fancy, but here are my 6 favorite t-shirts! (In no particular order!)

My 6 Favorite T-Shirts




Products: (Green) Universal Thread T-Shirt $8 // (Gray/Purple) Ava T-Shirt at Nordstrom $45 // (Blue) Madewell Perfect Vintage Tee $39.50 // (Gray) Rounded V-Neck at Nordstrom $19 // (Green) Strength Performance T-Shirt at Nordstrom $29 // (Gold) Hemp-Cotton V-Neck by Madewell $35


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  • LOVE your show!! I have been sick for two weeks so bing watching all seasons. Season 2 episode 5 yellow sleeveless shirt, where did you get it? Thank you.

    Margaret Timmons

    on January 31, 2024

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