Introducing The Shop by Jasmine Roth’s “Build Your Happy” Collection

Introducing The Shop by Jasmine Roth’s “Build Your Happy” Collection

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know how important the saying “Build Your Happy” is to me. And if you’re new here, Build Your Happy is essentially a phrase I like to share that is the perfect daily intention. I even wrote a full article breaking down what it personally means to me, which you can read here.

I wanted to create something you could wear everyday to really embrace this saying. In collaboration with Becoming Jewelry, a women-owned, small business, our Build Your Happy Sun Necklaces (available in gold and silver) are here! They are handcrafted and made in the USA.

Wearing this necklace shows a commitment to your personal happiness journey. It serves as a reminder to celebrate the big and the small moments, and it gives you the opportunity to share your experiences to help inspire others.

Putting on this necklace should remind you to show up as the best version of yourself (even if that looks different each day), to do the hard work knowing it will pay off, and to take care of yourself while recognizing your personal boundaries.

In addition to these necklaces, Build Your Happy tote bags are also part of The Shop by Jasmine Roth’s new Build Your Happy collection. These are the perfect farmers market tote bags, grocery bags, beach bags, or travel bags!

Let’s continue to #BuildYourHappy today and everyday.

Click here to Build Your Happy.


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