Introducing the Softest Sweatshirt I Own

Introducing the Softest Sweatshirt I Own

I get so many questions from you all about renovations and home related topics, of course, but I also get a ton of questions about what I wear. I’m always happy to share my favorites — comfort is my number one priority given the fact I’m moving around constantly on job sites and always on the go. I’m very excited to share the softest sweatshirt I own.

When I’m working long days on the construction site, or even just hanging with my family, having clothes that look great but are also really comfortable is so important. My latest find is now in heavy rotation as the season changes and I need a little more warmth.

A good friend introduced me to softwear and once I put one of their sweatshirts on, I knew I had to share them with all of you. I’m so excited to partner with softwear to add their super soft blue tie-dyed crewneck sweatshirt in a limited run to my workwear line.

The company is female-founded and their clothes are made with ethical sustainability here in the USA. You can read all about the brand and their story here. Like all great products, the softwear story started with a big need and a problem to be solved. In this case, it was to help support a family member who was ill and struggling to find clothing that was soft enough to treat her skin gently during medical treatments and beyond.

I love to work with and support small businesses, and I hope you’ll love this sweatshirt as much as I do. It’s literally one of the softest things I’ve ever put on my body. Get your limited edition womens sweatshirt here! You’ll thank me later.

XO Jas

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  • Make bigger sizes, not everyone is small!!!


    on December 08, 2022

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