“Nobody burned down your she shed, Cheryl.”

Have you guys seen the She Shed commercial? Brett and I joke about it ALL the time, and so I was BEYOND excited when the Today Show approached me and all my Rock the Block ladies to participate in a friendly little She Shed Showdown, live on morning television.

But first, it was early to rise and decide what to wear. Since it’s fall on the East Coast, I went for a seasonal flannel and dark denim. (It’s ninety degrees in Huntington Beach right now, so I have to wear flannel when I get the chance.)



We had $1500 to design and furnish our She Sheds, and then the Today Show viewers got to take to Twitter to vote on who’s She Shed is the best.

For my She Shed, I wanted to focus on secret storage solutions and California casual design.

Of course, the three other designers all had a totally different take on the She Shed Showdown.


Even though our design styles are totally different, we all have so much fun together. This is all of us calling out Alison Victoria for being, hands down, the most competitive of the group:

And then smiling for a group selfie:


Again, we each furnished our She Sheds without shelling out a lot of schmackers. Here are some of the items that helped to up the cool factor in my She Shed:


Here we all are cheesin’ it up with the Today Show crew:

I had such a great time hanging out with these three boss ladies, Hoda, and Carson. I think I might extend my trip until the weather in California decides to behave itself and act its season. Should I ship my Shed Shed home to the seashore? Surely I should.

After the Today Show, it was on to People Now. We dished on who was the toughest judge, top priorities when upgrading a space, the vast and varied challenges of Rock the Block, and much, much, more.

And then it was time for…dinner! I was so hungry by the end of this day that I was at dinner by 7pm which, in New York is the equivalent of eating dinner at, like 3 PM. Thanks for following along!

Here are the Today Show and People Now segments if you didn’t get a chance to catch them before:

And some final She Shed details:

She Shed Showdown Details

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