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Our “New” Doggie Basket


Last week we found this old basket in our garage.  We had picked it up from the Long Beach Swap Meet years ago and never really done anything with it.  Inspired, we set about making it into a cute little “doggie basket” to go under our desk.First we spray painted the basket with silver paint.  Without the rust, it looks brand new!  We also painted some old furniture legs we had in our garage.  (We find ourselves removing furniture legs to add caster wheels to things.)While the paint was drying, we raided our fabric bin.  We had been given the cutest dishtowel from Anthropologie that we could never bring ourselves to wipe our hands on.

We found an old pillow insert in our closet (we like The Company Store for buying pillow inserts) and the towel fit perfectly around it.  First we folded the towel inside out and sewed closed the sides.  We then turned the towel right side out and sewed closed the opening.  Ok, ok, we know this isn’t the “right” way to sew a pillow.  Oh well, it works and it’s cute!  

That pillow down, we were on a roll.  We found some burlap and gray fabric in our scrap bin and used the same technique to make another pillow.  On this one, we like the exposed seam because you can see a bit of the frayed burlap.

Then it was time to make the cushion to fill the basket.  We have a lot of gray ticking leftover from a window seat project, so we decided to use some of that.  We measure the basket and made a simple pillow.  We stuffed it with filler and hand-closed it.  But guess what?  It was boring!

What to do?  We went into our craft closet and found a piece of rope.  We then decided we were going to add some dimension to the pillow and make it look more like a cushion.  We tied the rope on a needle and shoved/pulled it through the pillow, tying knots on either side.  Ta da!  The perfectly tufted pet bed.

Now it was just a matter of putting them together.  We cut some plywood into squares and screwed the legs into the wood.  They are really sturdy!

All done!  Time to find a model.  Tiger the dog loves his new bed!


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