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Registry Round Up: The Best Swaddle Blankets


HGTV's Jasmine Roth pregnant registry roundup on the best swaddles

When it comes to handling a swaddle blanket, I got it down already. Did you guys know I have a secret skill? It’s swaddling. I always keep it on the back-burner in case this whole building thing falls through. I can swaddle for days. I’ve swaddled humans and canines large and small. I once swaddled my brother-in-law so tightly in a blanket that he couldn’t escape. The secret to a good swaddle: a cute swaddle blanket. I’ve compiled a list of my favorites that I will definitely be putting to good use in a few short months (what???!!).

Did you see those rainbows? It’s a must. And the llamas?! I couldn’t resist.

A wise woman once told me: you can never have too many swaddles. I’ve chosen to subscribe to this theory, and therefore do not need to choose a single favorite from the above collection. You can’t have too many, right? Especially ones that match the cute baby bedding too. But if I absolutely HAD to, it would definitely be THIS one:

My Favorite Swaddle Blanket

HGTV's Jasmine Roth pregnant registry roundup on the best baby swaddles


P.S. This final decision may be influenced by the fact that I am DYING for some sushi in my life, but either way, it’s a really delicious piece! Of course, I guess I won’t know which I like the best until the baby comes! Do you have a favorite swaddle blanket that you and your baby loved? Tell me – I need all the ideas!

There are just so many options when it comes to the baby registry! I think I’m having way too much fun.





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