A Look Back: The Roth Family Holiday House

A Look Back: The Roth Family Holiday House

This holiday season has been a little challenging because each member of our family has been sick on and off for the past 3 weeks. I’m sure all of you can relate! While we’ve still got the holiday spirit, I decided to look back at our holiday house photos from the past few years for some holiday cheer.

I shared some of my holiday tips and tricks a few weeks ago and you can see them in full force in these photos. Lots of twinkle lights, faux poinsettias and, of course, the nutcracker collection I married into. Here’s a stroll down memory lane and The Roth Homestead Holiday Houses of years past.

In 2021, I went for a bright and merry red theme, incorporating a lot of faux red flora and fauna in our open kitchen and beyond. Since Hazel was a little older, Santa made plenty of appearances too. Back in 2020, my decor was green and natural, with plenty of faux sprigs of evergreens and even some live, fragrant rosemary stems. Regardless of the main design theme I’m going with in any given year, I have pieces that are always in use — one of my favorites being the framed christmas tree painting by Ripe Designs you can see on my kitchen shelving in both photos above. You can see the Roth Family holiday kitchen in both of these styles below. The first photo is 2021 and the second is 2020. I love both looks!

Last year I did something new. In our main bedroom, I took down our gallery wall and reused the hooks to hold a collection of my favorite wreaths. Wreaths are such a timeless tradition, but I love all the new takes on an old classic. You can see my pom pom wreath and my pampas grass wreath above. I snuck in my peace wall hanging because that’s really what this season is all about, right?

In 2021, I edited down our front entrance decor and swapped our over-the-door garland with a slim potted faux tree that was the perfect shape and size for the space. And yes, I decorated it with twinkle lights. Of course, my beloved retro Santa stayed put, but I went with a singular color for my faux poinsettias and only used two of them last year.

Since I didn’t use the garland on our front door frame last, I knew I wanted to use it indoors. In my home, there’s no better spot for a garland moment than on our stair railing.

Last year, Brett and I decided to put the majority of his childhood nutcracker collection in his office to spread a little holiday cheer to his work day. We move them around each year so Hazel and I can enjoy his childhood tradition too. Back in 2020, We set up more than a few nutcrackers on a shelf in our main living area. No matter where they are, these nutcrackers fill our home with a lot of holiday spirit and nostalgia!

When I was digging through these photos what warmed my heart the most was watching our Christmas tree evolve. In 2019, we lived back at the 11st retreat (the first house I ever built!) and we had a nice, simple tree set-up that was perfectly lovely.

The next year Hazel was born and we moved to our current home. You can see the ornaments on our tree multiplied as we welcomed our baby girl and had a lot of photo memories and keepsake ornaments from family and friends to add to our tree.

Finally, last year, you can see our tree is jam packed with so many great ornaments and memories and even ones that Hazel has picked out herself. I love this time of the year so much. Watching Hazel grow and seeing our family grow brings me so much joy. Celebrating with them is the best gift I could ever wish for. Happy Holidays everyone!

XO Jas

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