My 4 Secret Holiday Tips

My 4 Secret Holiday Tips

Happy holiday season! Are you ready? Here are some of the ways my family and I make sure we’re set up to spend the holiday season together in the best way possible. Low stress, a lot of family time and our own Roth family holiday traditions are how we like to do the holidays. These tips help make that possible. I wanted to share them with you in case they help you reduce stress and increase all the joy this season brings.

1. Faux Poinsettias and Greenery

You know how passionate I am about faux plants and that definitely extends to the holiday season. You might not know how good faux poinsettias are looking these days. I bought a few that are rated for outdoors, plus a few that are better for indoors and I use them on my outside entryway and on the opening shelving in my kitchen. They’ve lasted me years and bring a festive pop of color wherever you put them. Mix them with your favorite vases and planters for a familiar take on holiday cheer.

2. Holiday Gift Wrap Station

There’s nothing worse than a late night Christmas Eve wrapping session. I’ve been there and it’s no fun. About 5 years ago, I decided enough was enough and going forward, I would never be wrapping gifts at the last minute again.

My solution? A holiday gift wrap station that can be easily set up and dismantled when the last gift is under the tree. I start by standing the rolls of wrapping paper up in a tall laundry hamper basket. Then I grab a dinnerware caddy and I gather up all the accessories I need like tape, scissors, tags, and pens to write on the tags. I put all of those tools in the caddy and I'm ready to wrap anytime I have time to spare. I can tuck the laundry/wrap basket and the caddy in a closet and take out two things instead of searching for everything individually. Having this set up all season makes it fun and easy to wrap gifts anytime. The photo below is a fancy version I set up for a client whose home I finished just before the holiday season. Nothing like getting a head start on gift wrapping, right?

3. Everyday Charcuterie Boards

We all know that from Thanksgiving forward, it’s game on. The holiday season brings a new, unexpected to-do just about every day. Brett and I like to head off the inevitable “Oops! I forgot to eat!” by having a snack board available all day, every day during this busy time of year. Hazel loves helping assemble these snack boards and it’s a great way to introduce her to new foods. To make this happen in your own home, just keep a running list of items like healthy nuts, seeds, fruit, olives, veggies, cured meats and fun cheeses you don’t often have on hand every day. Keeping your energy up this time of year is essential.

4. Tiny Twinkle Lights

There’s nothing I like more than the soft glow of twinkle lights. I like to occasionally use them in kids’ rooms I design for my clients, but they work in every single room during the holiday season. The playful look and feel of these battery operated lights means no battling cords or plugs and really letting creativity and whimsy lead the way. Perfect activities for festive elves, right?

My favorite ways to use them are to tuck them into a glass vase and set them on a shelf, on the dining room table, or even on a temporary stand or table in a front window. Just like the lights on a Christmas tree, twinkle lights throughout your home during the holidays really brings on some holiday magic each evening when you dim the lights.

Make it a nightly ritual with your family to gather at a certain time once it’s dark outside. Turn off or dim your interior lights and watch your happy holiday home come alive. You’ll be glad you did!

I’d love to hear what tips you have for a stress-free holiday season. Let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for ways to build a happy holiday home!

XO Jas

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