How to: Layer Rugs in Your Home

How to: Layer Rugs in Your Home

Layering rugs can make a big difference in a room. When furnishing a room or refreshing a space, consider layering rugs for a few different reasons. Layering rugs is pretty straightforward, but there are a lot of options to consider. Here are my top tips for this design trend that I absolutely love.

Bring Texture Into a Space

Layering rugs is a great way to bring texture into a space. This can make a cold space feel warm and multidimensional. For example, I really love using a large jute rug and layering a lighter colored rug on top—like in this project from Season 3 of ‘HELP!’ I Wrecked My House’. The jute rug keeps things neutral and natural, while the top rug ties in other colors in the room with a subtle pattern.

Stay in Budget

Another reason I love layering rugs is because it can help stay in your interior design budget. The larger the rug is, the more expensive it tends to be. So instead, purchase an inexpensive jute or natural fiber rug in the larger size, and layer the more expensive, smaller patterned rug (such as a kilim rug) on top. And when you’re ready for a refresh in the room, simply swap out the top rug for something different.

Ensure that the bottom rug you choose fits your space properly. Measure the space beforehand to know exactly what size rug you’ll need. Just a rule of thumb, the furniture in your room should have at least one leg on the rug!

Get Creative

Now back to layering: you have the option to center the top layered rug on the bottom rug, or get creative with it and layer the rug a different way. Whether it’s layering a rug in a section of a larger room or having fun with different angles, it’s really up to you. Keep in mind texture, pattern, and color when choosing your rug pairing. Get creative and don’t be afraid of contrasting elements and colors—you don’t want the two rugs to be too similar!

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