Introducing My New Scented Candles For Your Winter Home

Introducing My New Scented Candles For Your Winter Home

Last week I shared a few of my tried and true holiday tips, but I forgot a BIG one. I wanted to share it with you now because the holiday themed candles I worked on earlier in the year have arrived in my pop-up shop and online shop!

I mentioned last week that we have a cheese board set up at home during the holidays to make the house feel extra welcoming all day long. And, of course, we’ve got our holiday decor game in full swing. But I forgot to mention that another important way we keep up the holiday cheer is by having candles with scents of the season lit in the rooms we’re spending a lot of the time in. Who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh evergreen tree or sugar plums?

When I started working on my first candle scents months ago, I knew I wanted something that would bring a cozy, welcoming feeling to a room, without overpowering the senses. I also knew I wanted them to be a step up from one-note scents so they would create a true festive atmosphere for the holidays and beyond.

My new candles are hand poured into classic decorative glass containers so they add an elegant touch to your decor or design story, without clashing with your overall style. I also made sure the fragrance oils were paraben and toxin free and the soy wax was all natural, with no additives. I always want anything I carry in my shops to be as sustainable as possible.

And guess what? My candles have a wood wick. If you haven’t tried candles with wood wicks, I have big news for you. They crackle! That light crackling sound truly gives off a by-the-fireplace holiday vibe for those of us that don’t have the real thing.

Ok! On to the scents —- we have three scents so far and they’re all about creating a happy winter home.

A Special Modern Holiday Scented Candle

My Sugar Plum + Cashmere Candle really brings the holidays alive. I love the festive notes of frosted citrus & sugar plums, along with warm amber & light musk that remind me of the winter comfort of a cozy cashmere throw.

A Classic Garland and Woodsy Scented Candle

My Blue Spruce + Cypress Candle has a bright, woodsy scent. When this candle is burning in The Roth Homestead it feels like we’re trimming our tree and hanging our stockings all over again.This candle marries the freshness of seasonal greenery with spicy cinnamon and the floral and citrus harmony of neroli.

A Cozy, Warm and Spicy Scented Candle

Finally, my Cardamom Tea + Ginger Candle brings a warm, earthy scent to your holiday home. This cheerful blend of fresh ginger, deep cardamom, aloe wood, spicy cinnamon, with a touch of zesty grapefruit, smells like the perfect cup of tea in a cabin tucked away in a snowy forest.

So that’s my winter home candle collection that’s now available in my online shop and at my pop-up shop. Of course, these make great holiday gifts for anyone on your list, but don’t forget to treat yourself! Building your happy holiday home just got a little more inspiring (and fragrant!).

And remember, safety first! Never leave a burning candle unattended. See my tips and tricks for making your candles last longer below.

Pro Tips To Make Your Candles and Candle Fragrance Last

Don’t get me wrong. Candles aren’t high maintenance, but with a few simple steps, you can make sure your candles last and smell great for as long as possible.

  1. Let your candle rest after 3 - 4 hours. That means extinguishing it so it doesn’t get too hot because the fragrance oils in scented candles can be damaged by excessive heat and the wax may get thin and give off more soot.

  2. Use something to extinguish the flame. You don’t have to jump on Amazon and order a candle snuffer, although I recommend them. You can use a non-flammable metal object like a thimble or the metal top of an empty spice jar. If you want to go pro, I like this Branch candle snuffer.

  3. Keep your candle clean by wiping around the wick with a non-flammable cloth. Don’t use a paper towel because any pieces left behind will burn!

  4. Always trim your wick about an 1/8th of an inch before you relight it. Scissors or large nail clippers work great on both wooden wicks and standard wicks. If you want to go pro, I like this wick trimmer.

XO Jas

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