My 5 Non-Negotiables for Buying Property Out-of-State

My 5 Non-Negotiables for Buying Property Out-of-State

We spent most of winter at our Tiny Mountain Home in Utah, and we were so grateful to have another place to escape to!  A lot of people reached out on social and asked me a bunch of questions about having a home out-of-state… but the first step, of course, is actually buying that home!  If you’re like, “whoa, buying a home in another state freaks me OUT,” I hear you.  So I put my thoughts together for you guys in case they’re helpful to you!  I made a handy list of my 5 non-negotiables for buying property out-of-state.


My 5 Non-Negotiables for Buying Property Out-of-State

1. Have a great real estate agent that knows the area and is local.

2. Purchase a renters insurance or homeowners insurance policy with a local insurance broker.

3. Chat with the HOA president in your potentially new neighborhood before buying any property and ask to see the most recent budget. The last thing you need is a huge assessment you weren’t expecting.

4. Don’t buy “sight unseen” if possible.  It’s fine to make the offer and get it accepted, but plan to visit in person before removing contingencies.

5. Buy window treatments that block sun damage.  You’d be surprised the damage your furniture and floors will undergo when you’re gone if you ignore this advice.  (And yes, I’m unfortunately speaking from experience!)




Do you guys have your own tips for buying a home out-of-state?  Lay ’em on me!



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