My Favorite Kitchen Countertops

Jasmine Roth's Favorite Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops: they’re SO crucial to the way a kitchen functions, but they’re also a huge part of the design.  No pressure to pick the right material or anything, ha!  With hundreds of kitchen projects under my belt, I’ve definitely discovered some tried and true countertop materials over the years.  So I’m sharing my favorite kitchen countertops today and why I like them in case you’re needing some recs.  Oh, and I’m even using my own kitchen below from the 11th Street Retreat in a “what not to do” scenario.  You’ll see what I mean – don’t make the same mistake I did!


porcelain kitchen countertops


My Favorite Kitchen Countertops


Alright, first up is porcelain.  Why, you ask? Because porcelain is beautiful and WAY more durable than natural stone options.  One of my go-to moves is to find a beautiful porcelain countertop material that’s printed to look like Calacatta marble.


porcelain is durable


Not only is the material more durable, but porcelain is way more affordable than actual marble or even some quartz options.  This material below and above is from Marble Yard Inc.


use porcelain as backsplash


For a high-end look, run the porcelain slab up the wall to serve as the backsplash.  This is called “self splash” and you can read more about it HERE.  I also love a good square mitre edge on these countertops.  I’m just giving away all my secrets today, I guess!


porcelain high-end look



Another one of my favorite kitchen countertop materials is quartz – you just can’t go wrong with quartz.  It’s durable, affordable and beautiful.


quartz countertops


These Gray Lagoon quartz counters have green and copper veining, which tie in so nicely with the olive green cabinets and copper sink.  It felt like these countertops were MADE for this kitchen.  The material is from MSI Surfaces and is one of my all-time faves.  And if you’re now inspired to paint your cabinets a cool color, I’ve listed some of my favorite colors HERE.


quartz that looks like marble


Okay, I have another quartz option for you.  You can get quartz that looks like marble too!  Not just porcelain.


calacatta belleza valdara quartz


This particular material is Calacatta Belleza by Vadara Quartz Surfaces.  It’s so stunning that I like to use it in large amounts to make an impact but keep the kitchen neutral and classic at the same time.  Bonus points if you waterfall this countertop down the kitchen island!


quartz waterfall island



Alright, this is more of a cautionary tale.  Everyone thinks they want marble, but honestly it’s SO easy to damage.  Brett and I had marble countertops put into the first house we ever built – the 11th Street Retreat – and we spent years babying the countertops.  Marble stains and etches so easily that we were using coasters and wiping spills frantically left and right.  That is, until we learned about UV coating!


marble countertops


Basically, you hire a professional that comes to your house and does a UV treatment to your marble countertops that seals them.  Game changer!  I only wished we’d learned about it sooner than we did!


uv treatment for marble countertops


  • Marble has a beautiful appearance, too. However, the truth is that maintaining it is difficult. It takes something like nearly 24-hour care. When I was looking for information about quartz, I came across this article where I learned that some quartz patterns may mimic genuine stones like marble, soapstone, and even granite. The patterns of quartz that resemble genuine stones are undoubtedly a benefit, in addition to their durability and ease of upkeep. For homeowners who appreciate the natural look but don’t mind the burden of care, it’s a terrific alternative.

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  • I’m curious about butcher block countertops. My kitchen floor is travertine. So there is a lot of hard surfaces. How does butcher block hold up? Thank you 😊

    Bonnie Kappel

    on July 27, 2022

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