The Most Delicious Pizza Recipe of All Time

The Most Delicious Pizza Recipe of All Time

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND MAKE THIS EASY PIZZA!  No, really, I had to share this with you guys because this recipe blew my mind.  The crust has only 4 ingredients and you don’t have to make it in advance!  One of my best friends was visiting and shared this pizza recipe with me, and it was the best pizza I’ve EVER HAD.  I mean it when I say it’s the MOST delicious pizza recipe of all time!  It’s right here if you want to make it (that means you should make it because it’s delicious).

CLICK HERE for Pizza Recipe




Making pizza at home always makes me think of the custom pizza-making station I made for the homeowners in Season 2 Episode 1 of Hidden Potential.  I mean, who wouldn’t want this in their kitchen?!  I should have put one in my own home… but let’s be real, Hazel probably likes sitting on the countertop more anyway!




Trust me when I say… it’s the MOST DELICIOUS pizza recipe of all time! I’ve sent this recipe to so many people, and they agree!






Happy pizza making!



And Brett and I take our pizza making pretty seriously… we’re no strangers to a pizza stone. If you’re like “huh?!” let me show you what I mean. Here are some of my fave pizza making tools so you can really up your pizza game!



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