Merry Christmas from The Roth Family

Merry Christmas from The Roth Family

Well everyone, happy Christmas Eve.  The Holidays this year have brought a few things into crystal clear clarity for me and I thought I’d share.

1. Every family should have matching pajamas.  Ha!  Just kidding.  But I grabbed these matching pajamas from Target and even the ever skeptical Brett didn’t complain.  But what I’ve learned is that Men’s pajamas are HUGE, so order a size down just in case and return what doesn’t fit.  (Brett’s usually a Large and a Medium was plenty big.  Also Tiger is an XS, but no surprises there!  Here are the pajamas I got for Hazel.)




2. They grow up so fast.  And yes, just like every other new parent, 99% of the advice I got was to “stay in the moment” and “enjoy every second,” which actually just spiked my new mom anxiety and piqued my mom guilt that I was already struggling to keep at bay.  Of course they grow up fast, stop telling me that!!!  But (and this is huge, you guys) I get it now.  The well-intentioned other parents knew what I didn’t – it just gets better and better.  Hazel is 1.5 years old, so by no means do I have this whole “parenting” thing figured out, but the main thing I learned this year is not to mourn the end of a stage, but to celebrate the beginning of a new one.  Our Christmas Card this year is all about “firsts” and wow, there were a lot of them.  Can’t wait to see what next year holds!




3. Now, this may seem random, but it’s a big one and really important – social media is there for you when you want it, and it’s okay to step away when that’s what you need to do.  I’m not sure who needs to hear this right now, or why you need to hear it on Christmas Eve – but if your social media is stressing you out, or isn’t fun or easy, give it a little space and time.  There’s no shame in taking a step and away and coming back with new passion when it feels right.  Oh, and maybe this will help in the New Year, cause it helped me: if it’s not easy, you’re working too hard.  Social media should be easy!  If you see a beautiful woman riding a horse on a reels and think to yourself, “I need to do that,” but you’re a man that’s a hair dresser that’s never ridden a horse – I’m here to tell you to stick to what you know.  Your hair dressing tips, your cute mountain shoes, your quirky clients… that horse lady wishes she had that content!  This realization took me most of the year to figure out, and I’m hoping it will help someone who’s struggling to find their place on the interwebs.  Love you guys – you got this!






4. And lastly, the most important thing I’ve been thinking about is family.  And home.  I’ve been thinking about what makes me happy, what makes my home happy, and how to easily accomplish happiness in my day-to-day life.  I know this is a journey and a constant quest and you can expect a whole lot more happy moments coming from me in 2022.  Let’s figure this out together!




While I know Christmas means something different to everyone, and I’m blessed to have followers (so blessed!!) from all walks of life, all different beliefs, and even so many different time zones… the idea behind the spirit of Christmas is what I’d love to leave you with.  A little fun, a little self realization, a little stress to get to the self realization, and then a little bit of happiness.  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone!

Jasmine Roth



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  • I love the art above the fireplace mantel in the HGTV Magazine covering your remodel of your adorable cabin. However, it does not say where it is sourced. In addition, I love the small white pitcher that is out of stock. Is it possible to find out where you found the art? Will the pitcher come back in stock?We used to live in Fullerton, CA. I was actually born and raised there. Newport and Huntington were our summer hangouts as teens. We now live in Pine, CO. We are major fans of the programs on HGTV, but your show is one of our favorites. Your positive attitude and choosing to make each day happy-especially for your family-is a real draw for me. You go girl!!! ❤️

    Laura Whiting

    on January 17, 2023

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