My Best Laundry Tips

My Best Laundry Tips

Laundry: no one likes doing it, but we all have to!  I’m doing SO MUCH laundry these days I thought I’d share my best laundry tips with you guys (and honestly, see if you have any to share with me too).  Whether I’m in the Tiny Mountain Home doing laundry in our tiny set-up there, or at home in Huntington Beach, having a baby means there’s always laundry to be done.  Seriously… how does a tiny human make that much laundry?!  It will never cease to amaze me.  My tips might be no-brainers to you, but I do these things with every load and I’ve never had a #laundryfail.  Knock on wood.  Do you guys have secret laundry tips you might want to share with me in the comments?! 😉


My Best Laundry Tips


I know everyone can get a bit heated about this water temperature topic (get it?! ha!), but I wash everything in cold water.  Everything.  If you wash your laundry with cold water, you don’t run the risk of your clothes shrinking.  Cold water also helps keep the color in your clothes and keeps them looking “newer” longer.  Cold’s the way to go!





I feel like this tip needs to come with a loud disclaimer: ONLY IF YOU WASH WITH COLD WATER.  Because if you don’t separate your laundry by color and wash it all in warm water… YIKES.  But tip 1 and 2 are really connected in my strategy.  Since I wash everything with cold water, I don’t need to separate them for color.  This means I can throw a bunch of stuff all in the laundry – Hazel’s clothes, mine, some dish towels, etc. – and get more loads done more efficiently.


I love using laundry detergent pods because it’s just that much easier for me to start a quick load.  Grab a pod, throw it in, hit start – boom.  I’m all about using more natural products too these days, so I’ve been loving these.




My Mom is all about using Shout for laundry stains.  She’s Hazel’s daytime caretaker during the week, so she’s doing a lot of baby laundry too and wanted to make sure I included her “Shout” tip in this post!  If something has a stain she puts Shout on the stain, lets it sit there a bit, and then washes it in the washer.  Thanks, Mom 😊


Another no-brainer, but I think we could all use this reminder!  Seriously: if you don’t mind running a small load a day (or every other day, depending on how much laundry you have in your household), it’s worth it.  That way it doesn’t pile up!


Even if you just hang a cute sign, or put all your pods in a pretty glass jar, or bring in a cool basket (that isn’t plastic) to hold your folded laundry, doing laundry in a space you enjoy makes all the difference.




And lastly, if you want some small-space laundry tips, I wrote a blog post about that too!



  • I’m glad you clarified that using natural detergents will result in better-looking laundry. After returning from Sydney last week, my son has a ton of dirty laundry to wash. I believe he should just take them to the laundromat immediately.

    Elle Jones

    on January 31, 2024

  • You won’t believe what my sister’s been up to lately – she’s on a quest to find a self-service laundry. Her washer broke down, and she’s got a mountain of laundry piling up and she’s embracing the DIY route for a change. I’m just hoping she doesn’t mix any red socks with the whites! I will tell her that people adore using laundry detergent pods because they make it so much simpler to start a quick load—just take a pod, toss it in, and push start—and this makes life so much easier.

    Taylor Abrams

    on January 31, 2024

  • I appreciate what you mentioned about using natural detergents to get better washing outcomes. My son recently returned from Sydney, and he has a lot of dirty clothing that needs to be washed. I believe all he needs to do is take them straight immediately to a laundry. I appreciate the essay and will keep it in mind to assist my youngster.

    Elle Jones

    on January 31, 2024

  • Okay, shout out to you for telling us that we’d be able to enjoy better laundry results if we use natural detergents. My son just got back from Sydney last week and he has a lot of dirty clothes to wash. I think he simply needs to take them to a laundromat right away.

    Sam Andrews

    on May 02, 2023

  • Laundry is a chore that is often dreaded, but with the right tips, it can be made easier and more efficient. Firstly, it’s important to sort clothes by color and fabric type to prevent bleeding and damage. Using the correct water temperature and detergent for each load is also crucial to avoid shrinking or fading.

    Another tip is to pre-treat stains before washing, using products like vinegar, baking soda, or specialised stain removers. And when drying clothes, avoid using high heat settings that can damage fabrics and cause shrinking, instead opt for lower heat or air-drying.


    on April 24, 2023

  • With a commercial laundry service, issues are rare, and you will get the best possible outcome at an affordable cost. But, make sure you understand what your recourse is if your laundry is lost, damaged, or simply not cared for properly.

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